Social Communication Group

Children impacted by the pandemic as well as those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often face challenges with social communication skills. They may struggle to understand social cues, maintain eye contact, express emotions appropriately, or engage in suitable interactions. These abilities are crucial for daily communication. If children do not develop social skills early on, it could affect their future learning, relationships, and career prospects.

To address this, KK offers social communication group classes tailored to build children’s social skills. In these small group sessions, children practice communication skills through role-playing, interactive games, and activities under the guidance of our speech-language pathologists.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of social areas including reading social cues, maintaining conversation topics, understanding nonverbal cues, and conflict resolution. The therapists create realistic social scenarios to coach the children through practicing skills, providing feedback and making corrections as needed.

In addition to the class activities, we also collaborate with parents to help them guide their children in applying and reinforcing the newly learned skills in daily life situations. With consistent practice over time, children’s overall communication abilities will significantly improve.

Join our social skills groups today and embark on a journey to build strong communication abilities!