Speech and Language

Children’s ability to produce speech sounds correctly is essential for being understood by others . When a child has difficulty pronouncing certain speech sounds appropriately for their age, it can be due to a speech sound disorder.

At our clinic, we provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services for children with speech sound disorders. Our licensed speech-language pathologists begin with a thorough assessment process to carefully analyze each child’s speech production skills. We identify which specific sounds the child is struggling with and determine if there are any underlying issues impacting their sound development.

Once the assessment is complete, an individualized treatment plan is developed to improve the child’s speech clarity. Our therapists use evidence-based techniques during engaging treatment sessions to help the child learn how to properly produce the problem speech sounds. Home practice is also assigned to reinforce the new skills.

Treatment for speech sound disorders helps children speak more clearly. Early intervention is ideal, as many children can eliminate speech errors entirely with proper therapy by kindergarten age.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech sound development, please contact us to schedule an evaluation. We are committed to helping children find their voice and communicate with confidence.