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At KK Speech Therapy, our highly qualified team specializes in precise diagnostics and crafting personalized treatment plans for optimal communication outcomes. We deliver efficient, evidence-based therapy with a compassionate family-focused approach. Our experts not only treat the patients but also empower and guide their loved ones to be actively involved in the rehabilitative journey. Experience comprehensive, client-centered care from passionate therapists dedicated to elevating your family’s quality of life through improved communication skills now.

Professional Scope

We provide professional rehabilitation services for people with speech, communication, or swallowing difficulties, serving people of all ages. We will provide patients with professional assessment and diagnosis, and design individualized treatment according to their needs. Support will also be provided to patients’ families and caregivers.

speech and language

Children's ability to produce speech sounds correctly and develop appropriate language skills is essential for being understood by others and communicating effectively. When a child has difficulty pronouncing certain speech sounds accurately for their age, or exhibits delayed language development, it can be due to a speech and/or language disorder. Early intervention is crucial for facilitating proper speech and language development in children.

Voice Disorder

We offer specialized voice assessment and therapy services for both children and adults experiencing voice disorders. Our highly skilled speech-language pathologists work closely with ENT physicians to provide comprehensive voice evaluation and treatment.


Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects speech fluency, manifesting as repetitions, prolongations, or blockages of certain syllables or words. This can create difficulties for the individual in daily communication, learning, work, and social situations

Dyslexia Treatment

We specialize in providing evidence-based dyslexia treatment for children and adults struggling with reading, writing, and spelling difficulties. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that impacts skills like phonemic awareness, word recognition, decoding, and spelling. Early identification and proper intervention are crucial for remediating Dyslexia

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is widely recognized for treating behavioral issues of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the role of speech-language therapy is equally vital. Speech therapists play a crucial part in developing the communication, language, social skills, and related behaviors of children on the autism spectrum.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke is a prevalent health issue that exerts a profound impact on the affected individual's physical functioning. Beyond the evident motor impairments, stroke can also lead to Aphasia, a loss of language and communication abilities, characterized by diminished fluency, lexical deficits, dysarthria, and challenges in both receptive and expressive language skills

Swallowing Disorder

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, can occur at any age and disrupts one's ability to safely and efficiently eat and drink. Swallowing problems increase the risk of choking, malnutrition, dehydration, and aspiration (food/liquid entering the airway).

Social Communication Group

Children impacted by the pandemic as well as those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often face challenges with social communication skills. They may struggle to understand social cues, maintain eye contact, express emotions appropriately, or engage in suitable interactions.

Story Group

Completing this course will help you:

  • Improve children's narrative skills
  • Improve narrative organization skills
  • Understand and apply story elements
  • Improve the ability to understand task thoughts and emotions

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Our professional team consists of experienced speech therapists. We use the most advanced assessment tools and treatment techniques to design a personalized treatment plan for each patient to help them improve their language communication skills, promote the development of social skills, improve swallowing function and other issues.


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