At KK clinic, our speech therapists will first conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s or patient’s stuttering. The assessment includes observing and recording the frequency, types, and duration of stuttering events, analyzing potential triggers, and gathering background information on family and developmental history. Through this evaluation, we can determine the severity of the stuttering and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects speech fluency, manifesting as repetitions, prolongations, or blockages of certain syllables or words. This can create difficulties for the individual in daily communication, learning, work, and social situations. Early assessment and intervention are crucial for preventing or correcting stuttering.

Whether it is early intervention for young children or treatment for older children or even adults, we utilize methods proven effective through research. The therapy process emphasizes improving speech fluency, managing emotions, and enhancing communication abilities. Our therapists guide patients through practice in a safe and supportive environment, helping them build a positive mindset. Consistent practice with family support is also crucial.

With our clinic’s professional assessments and systematic treatment approach, stuttering can be significantly improved and controlled. For children receiving early intervention, stuttering may even be completely remediated. Even for those with long-standing stuttering histories, therapy can effectively eliminate stuttering symptoms and establish fluent communication skills.

If you have any concerns about stuttering for your child or a loved one, please schedule an evaluation.

Who can benefit:

  • Adults suspected of or diagnosed with stuttering
  • Children aged 4 and above suspected of or diagnosed with stuttering