Voice Disorder

At our clinic, we offer specialized voice assessment and therapy services for both children and adults experiencing voice disorders. Our highly skilled speech-language pathologists work closely with ENT physicians to provide comprehensive voice evaluation and treatment.

Voice disorders can arise from various causes such as vocal nodules, polyps, paralysis, muscle tension dysphonia, and more. Proper assessment is key to identifying the underlying issue and determining the most effective treatment approach.

During a voice evaluation, we thoroughly examine all aspects that contribute to healthy vocal production, including respiration, phonation, resonance, and more. This detailed analysis allows us to pinpoint the nature and source of the voice disorder. Our therapists then develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Evidence-based therapy techniques focus on improving vocal hygiene, eliminating harmful vocal behaviors, and retraining proper breath support and voice production techniques.

For patients undergoing voice-related surgeries like microsurgery for vocal fold lesions, our therapists play an important role in both pre-operative and post-operative voice rehabilitation. We provide guidance to optimize vocal health before the procedure and crucial therapy afterward to maximize surgical outcomes. We work hand-in-hand with ENT physicians throughout the entire process, maintaining close communication to ensure optimal integrated care for our patients.

Our voice therapy services are suitable for individuals experiencing various voice issues such as:

  • Hoarseness or raspy voice
  • Vocal nodules, polyps, or vocal fold lesions
  • Voice loss or strain after a cold/illness
  • Muscle tension dysphonia
  • Voice problems related to vocal misuse/abuse
  • Voice changes from aging or hormones

If you are having any voice-related concerns, contact us to schedule a comprehensive voice evaluation. Our experienced team is committed to helping you restore and maintain a healthy, clear voice.