Dyslexia Treatment

At our clinic, we specialize in providing evidence-based dyslexia treatment for children and adults struggling with reading, writing, and spelling difficulties. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that impacts skills like phonemic awareness, word recognition, decoding, and spelling. Early identification and proper intervention are crucial for remediating Dyslexia.

Our team of speech-language pathologists have extensive training and experience in treating the underlying deficits of dyslexia using scientifically proven methods. We don’t rely on generalized teaching techniques or strategies lacking empirical research. Instead, our dyslexia treatment strictly adheres to interventions validated through studies.

With consistent treatment at the recommended dosage from our highly trained clinicians, children and adults can make remarkable progress in their reading, writing, and spelling abilities. Early intervention is the best, but it’s never too late to benefit.

If you suspect a loved one may have dyslexia, don’t wait. Contact us to schedule an evaluation. Our evidence-based dyslexia treatment can put them on a path to becoming skilled, confident readers and writers.