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About Kelly

✅ Founder – KK Speech Therapy (HK)

✅ Speech Therapist – Union Hospital 

✅ Clinical Supervisor – Master of Speech Therapy programme 

✅ Lecturer – EDUHK MST programme 

✅ Member – Department of Health Register of Speech Therapists


✅ Qualified Examiner of The Hong Kong Cantonese Articulation Test (HKCAT)

✅ Qualified Examiner of Main Concept Analysis (MCA)

✅ Qualified Examiner of The Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Assessment Scale (HKCOLAS)

✅ Provided information counseling for AIA

✅ Provided information counseling for Manulife

✅ HKAST Executive Committee member 2020 – 2021

✅ President of Tai Po Lions Club 2022 – 2023

✅ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University YouTube Channel

✅ Xiaohongshu Channel – sharing professional knowledge with > 50K supporters

✅ BA Linguistics – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

✅ Master of Speech Therapy – Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

✅ IELTS 8.5/9

✅ Fluent Mandarin

✅ Native Cantonese & Shanghainese

✅ Dyslexia Treatment

✅ Stuttering Assessment & Treatment 

✅ Voice Assessment & Treatment

✅ ASD TOM & Social Communication

✅ Outstanding delivery of Speech & Language Treatment 

✅ Online Therapy

✅ Undergraduate Course Instructor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Helping primary students with Specific Reading Disability

✅ Supervisor, clinical exchange program of Thomas More Mechelen – Antwerp University College Belgium

✅ Clinical Supervisor, Master of Speech Therapy program of The Education University of Hong Kong 

✅ Guest Lecturer, Master of Science Educational Speech-language Pathology and Learning Disabilities Programme, The Education University of Hong Kong

✅ VIU TV & NOW TV 「Medicine Online」]

✅ Special Education During the Pandemic – Guest Sharing

✅ SMARKBTV – Ethical Companies Certificate

✅ SMARKBTV – Best Employer Certificate them.

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