Ms. Stephanie Siu


Stephanie has rich experience in providing speech therapy services in elderly residential care homes, elderly daycare centres, public hospitals, long-term care homes and nursing homes for people with severe disability. She is also a member of the multi-disciplinary outreach support teams for the elderly. She is now serving as a clinical instructor in the Master of Speech Therapy program at the Education University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As well as providing speech, language, voice, swallowing assessment and treatment to people in need.


  • Member of Register of Speech Therapists accredited by Department of Health HKSAR
  • Member of Register of Speech Therapists of The Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists (HKIST)
  • Master of Speech Therapy – The Hong Kong Polytechnic  University

Professional development

  • Beckman’s Oral Myotherapist
  • Certified swallowing electrotherapy therapist (Biber protocol®, Vitalstim®Therapy)
  • American OPT Oral Muscle Positioning Therapy Level 1 Course
  • Accredited tester of Hong Kong Children’s Oral Language (Cantonese) Ability Scale (HKCOLAS)
  • Hong Kong Cantonese Pronunciation Test Qualified Tester (HKCAT)
  • Speak fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin